I released sbcl-1.4.3 just before the new year.

Mostly this blog post is to remind me that I need to improve the release script:

The script assumes that I build on x86-64. That is usually true, but this month there's a problem with building on my release build host, which is a squeeze-era VM: the new immobile-space support on x86-64 uses a synchonization builtin (__atomic_load()) that wasn't supported in gcc-4.4, and I didn't have time to investigate and test which of the __sync_ builtins is an acceptable replacement before vanishing off the internet for a couple of days. Probably:

hint = __sync_fetch_and_add(&page_hints[hint_index], 0);

Immobile space isn't (yet) supported on 32-bit x86. This meant that after shuffling some gpg keys around, I could do most of the release process on a 32-bit installation; the hard-coding of the architecture meant that I had to do some bits manually, so be more than usually suspicious when checking gnupg signatures.

Hopefully I'll arrange to fix some of this before the end of this month. (Testing the release script is a little tricky.)