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blog term 1 of A&DS
emblogginate sbcl-1.4.3
first post on 2016-17 A&DS data
IF authoring tools meetup
fixup fixup
blog mini-experiment in Karatsuba multiplication
goint to els2017
Rambly thoughts on module 1 and academic leadership
brexit blog
no ELS 2016 :-(
my attempts at modules 3 and 4 of PG Cert MLTHE
blog jobs
try again?
Hm. Wrong map?
ELS 2015 happened
short wrap-up blog, mostly about badges.
better tags
els2015 registration drive
blog TMus research position
update ref2014 package
substantially delayed blogs
TMus Oxford meeting
brief review of the year
blog R package for ref2014
more ref2014 blogging
fixup fixup
blog first crack at REF2014 data
link to project blog post
minor typo fixes
blog timeline alignment
tag the post advogato too
how does this blog thingy work?
fix typo (thanks to Kalman Reti)
d'oh! tag latest entry with lisp too!
blog reproducible builds
blog quote, backquote, code-walker vs SBCL reproducibility
blog the interesting pretty-printer bug
it's a bug in the spec, really
blog shade-inactive-windows development
IQ 1352
try again to get the link right
blog pipe sequencing in CL
IQ 1351
add advogato tag to EARL blog entry
blog EARL
more tags on pgcert essays
inquisitor 1350
blog PGCert essays
blog about code walking
close some brackets (in text, not code)
blog about backquote in sbcl-1.2.2
fix ugly wording
add PGCert Module 1/2 essays
Maybe not quite submitted versions yet, but soon...
azed 2199
(hopefully) fixup [[ in code sections
argh, don't inline enormous images
gridSVG version of london data visualization
azed 2198, late late late
oops, got to include library(extremevalues)
experimental blog on open data and london visualization
azed 2197
fixups to azed 2196
more colour
test alternative colour mechanism
azed 2196
get Tillman's first name right
notes on musical image deduplication
full ecda 2014 notes
azed 2195
blog for ecda days 2 and 3
resize image
blog ECDA2014 day 1
azed 2194
blog outing to Oxford
azed 2193
more tags
fix internal link markup
blog londonR meeting (+ wiki for notes on presentations)
really azed 2192
azed 2192
azed 2191
notes from GLEU2014 Designing Learning Landscapes
azed 2190
raw notes from CESR research seminar
one more light destination marker
blog travel to Tours
and initial thoughts on what to talk about
one more XXX to remove
azed 2189
azed 2188
fix typo spotted by Ivan Kanis
blog on programming languages for teaching
nailing colours slightly more firmly to the mast.
syntax fixup
blog els2014
update heuristic-linkify for new hyperspec lookup in slime
hash tables, not obarrays.