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A couple of mildly amusing topical clues in this one, but nothing that really made me laugh. Best (though a bit too obvious) was perhaps the reference to the Russian persecution of homosexuals in conjunction with the start of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games in 15ac/24ac.

  • 8ac: ON THE HOUSE: As regards a big part of Westminster, it's much to freebie-seekers’ liking: Double Definition
  • 9ac: EVA: Moon-walking mate of the Führer?: sort-of Double Definition; ref. Eva Braun
  • 10ac: STEP ON IT: Potential nepotist? Don't crawl: *(NEPOTIST)
  • 11ac: IF ONLY: Ffion, abandoned, foot out, extremely lusty? I wish!: *(FFION) - F(oot) + L(ust)Y
  • 12ac: CYPRUS: Miley claims power for the land: CYRUS around P(ower); ref. Miley Cyrus
  • 14ac: RUN SHORT: Come to the end of Trots, Roth's novel: RUNS + *(ROTH)
  • 15ac/24ac: WINTER OLYMPICS: At which village Putin will tolerate no minor encampment (you might say): Cryptic Definition; ref. 2014 Winter Olympics
  • 16ac: FLABBY: Limp old pop group dropping its last member in hurry: ABB(a) in FLY; ref. ABBA
  • 19ac: IN CLOVER: Nick endlessly rattled by sex partner having an easy life: (p)INC(h) + LOVER
  • 21ac: BICEPS: Arm-raisers wanting head from Baby Spice maybe?: B(aby) + *(SPICE)
  • 23ac: STRAIN: Tax only 10% of Stagecoach's rolling stock?: S(tagecoach) + TRAIN (= rolling stock)
  • 27ac: CLEAN SWEEP: Is a scrubber possibly putting on blubber for a complete change: CLEANS (is a scrubber) + WEEP (blubber)
  • 1dn: SNOTTY: Arrogantly stand-offish and rather drippy: Double Definition
  • 3dn: THANKS BE: The banks reforming? Glory to God!: *(THE BANKS)
  • 4dn/26ac: CUSTARD PIE: Silent in-yer-face style of humour?: Cryptic Definition
  • 5dn: RESIGN: Brenda's taken up hint to make way for Brian?: ER (Brenda) reversed + SIGN (= hint)
  • 6dn: XENOPHOBIC: UKIP-like phone box's dodgy electronic component?: *(PHONE BOX) + I(ntegrated) C(ircuit)
  • 7dn: EARL GREY: Peer who liked his drink, eagerly disposed to accommodate Right: *(EAGERLY) around R(ight)
  • 13dn: RINGLEADER: Call Cameron the head of an unprincipled bunch: RING (call) + LEADER (Cameron); ref. David Cameron
  • 15dn: WINGTIPS: Robin's Left and Right extremes?: Cryptic Definition
  • 17dn: LOBBYING: Producing a whopper, holding Bob roughly and applying pressure to member: LYING around *(BOB)
  • 18dn: Bent copper's chief taken to the cleaners: C(opper) + ROOKED (swindled)
  • 20dn: VENICE: City corruption: hoarding English money centrally: VICE around E(nglish) (mo)N(ey)
  • 22dn: PICKET: Take action against a scab? Sounds like it, too!: Double Definition
  • 25dn/2dn: PAWN SHOP: Board members bound for establishment with balls?: PAWNS (chess pieces) + HOP (bound); ref. Medici

Not quite solved at boiled-egg speed, but definitely a breakfast puzzle.