This one took me somewhat longer than last week's – and there's clearly a danger of starting late in the evening when the variability of solving time is still somewhat large; the morning after is substantially worse. Also, this time there were a couple of clues that must be what they are, and yet I really can't see why: 3dn and 5dn were both highly resistant to my analysis. On the other hand I was glad that this time I used the inclusive anagram (in 21ac) to solve the clue, rather than the usual “OK, it must be this, now why?”. (On which note, I'm enjoying @anagramatron – finally a good use of social media. (Related: haiku robot)

Also, I'm out of time to do a full writeup. Interesting clues only, then.

  • 11ac: AMIENS: Shakespearean character (when getting look in): AS (= when) around MIEN (look in); ref. Amiens
  • 20ac: SHIA: Ismailian, he: ‘I am involved with — line’ maybe: *(I AM LINE + SHIA) = *(ISMAILIAN HE)
  • 31ac: TEIL TREE: Support required with litre drunk inside? Better go for lime!: TEE (support) around *(LITRE); not sure about the definition part of this – it's clearly a reference to Linden, but what's the “better go” about?
  • 3dn: SCABIES: Grub dropping of fir trees – it causes severe itching?: ?
  • 5dn: TINGLY: Run off for a moment? It's thrilling: ?
  • 10dn: JACOBETHAN: A round object in black stone, Chinese, showing blend of styles: A + COB (round object) in JET (black stone) + HAN; this one made me laugh when I got it.

[ update: ah, the two I couldn't get were similar in construction! FLEETINGLY - FLEE and SCOFF - OFF + ABIES. I can feel the learning happening right now. ]