Maria Gembero-Ustárroz / Music books and spanish musical traditions

crossing the Atlantic in the 16th and early 17th centuries: The renewal of the music library at Lima Cathedral, Peru

Permits to travel / Expedientes de viajeos a Indias Promotion applications / Informaciones de oficio y parte

Professional, financial or family reasons to emigrate to the New World

Catherine Cessac / Chronologie raisonnée des manuscrits autographes de Marc-Antoine Charpentier

Talking about H Wiley Hitchcock: chronology is tricky because of two concurrent sets of manuscripts

2004 colloquium: j'ai parle aux uns et aux autres, et ben finalement je l'ai fait toute seule.

boh, un manuscrit, c'est un manuscrit

manuscript paper stamps: printed defects allow reconstruction of binding

also evolution of clef writing

je me suis trompé -- je ne serais plus invitée

Rodolfo Baroncini / Venetian music and its complex cultural context

Private patronage in venice


  • more than 100 patrons, 60% of whom are in the nobility, 40% in the cittadinesco class + some non-venetians

  • strumentisti: 507

  • organisti: 173
  • cantori: 113
  • costruttori di strumenti musicali: 288
  • maestri di danza: 20

  • fonti: i-vacp, registi canonici

St Chapelle in Dijon, game, flythrough

Fabrice / Ockeghem Requiem

  • does Dufay predate? “de novo compositorum”

Concetta Pennuto / Du pouls aux fibres: vibrations et pulsations du corps à la première modernité

pulse, regular? Medecine. pulse “en gazelle” from arabic medecine treat

“De pulsus Arte & Harmonis Libri Duo” 1584

“Pulsus complicati sunt”

music notation for heartbeats. Fun discussion about whether the staff lines are significant or whether the printer just reached for the closest bit of movable type

Camilla Cavicchi, “Largo al factotum della città”: les barbiers, musiciens et thérapeutes, aux XVe et XVIe siècles

Barber and guitars

Beards and battle strategy. Poor Rodolfo.

Pietro Bono, barber to Este at Ferrara. Same salary as Dufay?

A Pietro Bono dal chitarin L'ha abuto più de mile fiorin tra de fachin et de suo sonare che non ha briga de sbarbirare (1452)

Inga Groote / réalités sonores (+ Iain Fenlon)

McGill / Sound in the Early Modern City

Early Modern Cities as Theatres of Conversion

What is music and what is noise?

How funny, to think that to sing small three-voice motets could make you a better person...

Vincenzo Borghetti / Fors seulement: the story of a chanson and the story of Renaissance Music

Music example :) oh the hilarity

huge phenomenon in quantitative terms: reworkings “literally inundated” sources

after 1578 print, no trace of any reworking; importantly, resurrected for historiography in 1868: secular music alter-ego of l'homme armé

Why do I say all this? Because I like Fors seulement, but that is not an explanation.

“Only by numbers can we know that”


Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics: Structure

Language and Literature, Music, Neuroscience, Psychology

Dimensions of Aesthetics: Appreciation, Experience, Behaviour, Perception

Experiment! Touch when you’re singing? On possible effects of body contact in ensemble singing

Hypotheses: - mood communicated by touch - body contact leads to feeling of a deeper connection - less advanced singers profit from the touc of a proficient singer - positive effects on interpretational aspects - improvement of intonation