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slightly nicer iplayer-progress management
[iplayer-el.git] / iplayer.el
2014-07-24 Christophe Rhodesslightly nicer iplayer-progress management
2014-07-24 Christophe Rhodesadd CBBC/CBeebies presets
2014-05-22 Christophe Rhodesupdate copyright dates
2014-05-22 Christophe Rhodesimplement process sentinel for iplayer downloads
2014-05-21 Christophe Rhodesrudimentary progress display
2014-03-17 Christophe Rhodesdon't startup by default in "show all" mode
2013-12-30 Steve PurcellDerive from special-mode
2013-12-28 Steve PurcellAllow user configuration of download directory
2013-06-25 Christophe Rhodesfix preset-handling code on emacs24
2013-05-17 Christophe Rhodesmake sure to select window/buffer/frame in emacs24
2013-04-23 Christophe Rhodesavoid using cl primitives
2013-04-23 Christophe Rhodessupport other versions of get-iplayer
2013-04-23 Christophe Rhodessupport emacs 24
2013-03-31 Steve PurcellAutoload the iplayer interactive function
2013-03-31 Steve PurcellAdd headers/footers for package.el compatibility
2012-11-26 Christophe Rhodesslightly-confusing iplayer-{previous,next} commands
2012-07-06 Christophe Rhodescosmetic change
2012-07-06 Christophe Rhodesfix iplayer commands invoked using M-x
2012-06-11 Christophe Rhodesrework commands in light of long cache refresh time
2012-04-24 Christophe Rhodes(ab)use mode-line-process to display preset in the...
2012-04-24 Christophe Rhodesremove debugging call to message in iplayer-preset
2012-04-23 Christophe Rhodesfirst cut of iPlayer interface for Emacs